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  • Marina Shektman

How to incorporate black trend into interiors

February 26, 2018 | Marina Shektman

Are you tired of monochromatic color schemes that gained popularity in recent years? Black accents can help shake things up, add some contrast and interest to an otherwise boring color scheme. Here are some ways in which this latest trend may be incorporated into interiors.

Black and White photography

One can easily update tired interiors with black and white photography. It can be arranged in a salon hanging style or used as an over-sized poster. Carefully curated frames can add to the effect as in this stunning dining nook photo. The black chair frames look sculptural against the white walls.

via Elle Decor

Black Accents 

Another way to make a space more exciting is to add black accents. It can work especially well in rooms with lots of white or off white color hues. The contrast between black and white creates tension and jewel tone accents add drama. I love the way the designer incorporates black drapery panels and black paint around the fireplace with luxurious green velvet on sofas in this French formal living room.


Kitchens with Black Features

If you are bored of traditional white kitchens, there are ways to make a few changes painlessly without having to replace the cabinets. Knobs are easily swapped for black ones. The lighting pendants can be updated with dark shades. The accent features such as a hood cabinet or an island may be repainted and an accent wall can get a coat of chalk paint, making it convenient for writing shopping lists or messages.

via Bloglovin

Black in Bathrooms 

The monochromatic bathrooms can be peaceful and borderline boring. Would you like an easy update? Shower curtains, window shades, bathrooms accessories can be swapped effortlessly with the ones that have black and white patterns. If you are not afraid to dig deeper, updating floor and wall tile, vanities and faucets might be the way to go. This is tastefully done in the powder room photo. Gold, used together with black, adds a luxurious touch.

via s-media-cashe

Black can be a versatile and a surprising addition to traditional or contemporary interiors. The key is not to overuse the trend and risk the spaces looking dark and dingy. 

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