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  • Marina Shektman

Gold accents trend, is it here to stay?

February 5, 2018 | Marina Shektman

The gold spell of the 1980-s came and went and designers ended up tirelessly replacing the sparkling gold fixtures in peoples’ homes. Silvery finishes became predominantly popular for a couple of decades after, however now the gold trend came back and it’s here to stay!  Learning from the past mistakes, I would advise using gold accents sparingly. Do not be afraid to mix it with other metals- designers use this trick often to break the monotony. You may add a piece of art framed in gold to an otherwise classic bathroom with silver fixtures. Or hang sparkling pendants with gold hardware in a long, boring corridor

This Foyer has a couple of gold elements like the chandelier and the bench, mixed in with dark bronze finishes of the mirror and the sconces. Gold accents here add opulence and sparkle to a dark wood-paneled foyer.

Here is an example of how one can use an antique gold framed mirror in a contemporary bathroom. It adds warmth and opulence without being over the top.

The gold and brass accents can be used in any space successfully. Dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens can all benefit from the warmth, sparkle and richness it adds. There is a danger however of using too much gold. If your place starts resembling a cheaper version of Versailles, it might be a good time to cut back on lavish details! There are no set rules in interior design, - let your taste be the guide. If your design instincts haven't kicked in, solicit help of a seasoned interior design professional!

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