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Out with the old, in with the new: how our interiors are transformed by hi tech world,

February 18 2016 | Marina Shektman

Each year brings new trends in and discards the old. Wireless technology is changing the way we function in our homes. The new gadgets make it possible to adjust your home temperature from a remote location, stream a movie with the use of a wireless device anywhere in the house, work from your sofa and answer the phone while in a shower. Wires disappear and fixed is becoming mobile.That makes some furniture categories obsolete.

Let's take an entertainment center, for Instance. Its' fat belly used to hold our favorite music on multiple CDs and treasured movies on tapes. All this is sitting on the cloud now. Our family albums are getting digitized and passed onto the infamous cloud as well. The television set is thinner and more versatile than ever. It does not need a prominent position inside a box anymore; it can hang quietly on a wall somewhere.

Out with the old:

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In with the new:

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The new entertainment centers tend to have much less storage and are more of a statement.  Some choose not to have a center dedicated to "entertainment", but a TV set hanging on a wall. It may hang in the den, kitchen, bedroom or basement and even in a bathroom near the tub ... anyplace one may wish to hang it! 

Another piece of furniture that technology is fast transforming is a nightstand. The old sanctuary with few books and a lamp is getting morphed into a charging depot for the multiple electronic devices. Admit it, how many favorite pets besides your cat do you take to bed - kindle, tablet and mobile phone?

Out with the old:

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In with the new:

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Kitchens are getting affected by the techno craze as well and stuffy traditional design is being displaced by a more contemporary look. Conventional ovens are made obsolete by the state of the art appliances like steam ovens, countertop coffee makers are replaced by sophisticated built in coffee machines, pencil drawers are repossessed by hidden charging stations. The convenience of having all the tools at your fingertips is driving the kitchen design forward.

The kitchen is a central hub of activity: cooking, eating, paying bills, doing homework, looking up recipes just to name a few. Many of these activities require a computer nowadays. Therefore, computer stations are getting a more prominent place in kitchen design.

Out with the old:

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In with the new:

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